Our Brands

VTOP by Pumpkart.com

VTOP by Pumpkart.com – a range of LED TVs exclusively designed for the Indian Consumer. VTOP’s unparalleled pillars of strength are – Technology of the Future, Brand, Innovative Distribution System, Service network and unparalleled creativity. A strong proponent of Indian government’s Make-in- India initiative, VTOP currently produces all its products in India.

From the house of Pumpkart, we are taking all possible steps to bring the future to your homes, today. (Know more here -vtop.in)



While Pumpkart and FIGGITAL are making the buying process for the customer very easy & convenient, the happiness does not fade away even after the purchase. NNJA, the service arm offers prompt after-sales service and keeps the product and your smile intact - year after year. NNJA also provides Extended Warranty and Insurance for the products sold from the FIGGITAL Stores. To Know more, click here – (Know more, click here –nnja.com)